Cocoa intercropping and Shade Plants

Cocoa intercropping appears simple and easy because of the term “intercrop”. However, there are many factors to consider before choosing or when choosing a crop to intercrop in cocoa plantations. Farmers intercrop to avoid total crop failure, increase income, and have varieties of farm produce. …

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Best technique to multiply plantain sucker

The importance of plantain among Nigerians cannot be underestimated. It can be consumed by boiling raw (unripe), roasted (riped or unripe), and fried into plantain chips (unripe) or dodo (riped). The unripe plantain can also be processed into flour to make ‘Amala’ (a popular delicacy …

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Recession: Backyard farm to the rescue

More backyard farms are emerging to supplement household nutrition and income. Farmers with small backyard spaces are using them to grow vegetables and other crops. They cultivate vegetables, mainly for consumption. The farm is a collaboration among family members. The impetus behind this is not …

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