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Poverty Cycle in Nigeria Agriculture

First, let me explain what Poverty Cycle means in layman’s terms. For Instance, A maize farmer cultivates a hectare of land for Maize production. The maize matures in 3 to 4 months The estimated cost of production – ₦300,000 (land preparation, planting, weeding (3-4times), harvesting, …

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Different between banana and plantain tree

Plantains and bananas belong to the same family of plants, but they are two different varieties. The trees are closely related, but there are some key differences between the two: Fruit: The fruit of a banana tree is typically smaller and sweeter, while the fruit …

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Medicinal value of Canabis sativa

The essence of this post/article is *only* for educational purposes because Cannabis sativa is illegal in Nigeria. The possession, sale, and use of cannabis are prohibited under Nigerian law, with severe penalties for those caught violating the law. In 2019, the National Drug Law Enforcement …

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Basic Soil test needed for Fish farming and why

There are a few basic soil tests that are recommended for fish farming. This article will discuss the basic soil analysis that should be carried out before starting your fish business; especially if you are considering large-scale production. Soil texture test: This test determines the …

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Honey and Sugar Content

Honey is usually regarded as a natural, healthier sweetener. But you will be disappointed that honey has minor nutritional advantages.  Though I previously discussed the health benefits of honey, not the nutritional aspects. For years, honey has been a traditional sweetener, even before the discovery …

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Soil health: Simple Soil Testing techniques

The necessary materials required for testing soil pH level from your home or kitchen are; distilled water, baking soda, and vinegar. Soil pH level is very important as it influences many other factors which impact plant growth. The pH level of the soil determines if …

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