Arable Crops

Sac Farming Technique

“Sac farming” or “sack farming” is a type of agriculture technique that involves growing crops in sacks filled with soil. This method is commonly used in urban and peri-urban areas where land is limited and expensive, or the soil quality is poor. It is also …

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Starting Edible Mushroom business in Nigeria

Mushrooms belong to the phylum basidiomycetes. It is known for its antioxidant effect and its ability to help obese patients lose weight. The cultivation of mushroom involves four steps namely; Grain preparation Mycelium tissue culture Mother spawn production Spawn multiplication and Production of mushroom from …

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Okra Production and Agronomy Practices

For the establishment of Okra, the first thing to bear in mind is that the production of Okra must be done during the warm season. The seeds perform well on a fertile, well-drained loamy soil. Soil with pH close to neutral (6.5- 7.6) supports the …

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