Recession: Backyard farm to the rescue

More backyard farms are emerging to supplement household nutrition and income. Farmers with small backyard spaces are using them to grow vegetables and other crops. They cultivate vegetables, mainly for consumption. The farm is a collaboration among family members. The impetus behind this is not so much about reducing grocery costs, but championing a return to farm and getting back to natural foods.

Backyard farms would help Nigerians prepare for a future where the economy would make buying vegetables expensive. Backyard farms encourage food sufficiency. Aside from the convenience of providing food at one’s doorstep, the farms encourage healthier lifestyles and diets.

However, backyard farming is not new in Nigeria. Years ago, rural areas boasted of a vibrant community of home gardeners who put their terraces and backyards to good use. It was common to have neighbours growing their own vegetables and collecting eggs from own chickens. Many of them translated their passion into business ventures. Egg and poultry meat production depend on backyard farming using indigenous chicken breed. Although, the production is very poor, reflecting low body weight, but these were life-changing events. However, rural-urban drift has halted this.

However, having enjoyed the benefits of a backyard farm, I’m hereby campaigning to bring such back.



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