AGRIBUSINESS: How you can make Money from Moringa Farming

moringaToday I will be talking extensively on the plant called MORINGA and how you can also make money from it. First of all, I want you to know that there is money in Moringa seeds business only if you know how to do it… You can make good money from the sale of Moringa seedlings, Moringa oil, Moringa tea, Moringa capsules, Moringa powder, etc.
Moringa oleifera is known everywhere for it’s medicinal uses, not only that it can also be used for water treatment. However, moringa is regarded as the tree of life. The medicinal benefit of this tree made it superior to other trees. Both the seed and leave are useful. The seed and leave are money!
And sincerely speaking, Moringa farming business, it is not like annual crops farming such as Maize, Rice, Beans etc.

moringa-oleifera-img2The fact is that once you set up a Moringa Plantation, you will keep making money from its yearly; most times 3months after planting. Moringa leaves can be harvested after 90 days after planting. Starting the plantation is not the problem, but making the money out of it is the problem.
Based on the price of the product, Moringa products are comparatively costly and it takes comparatively little INVESTMENT to set up a moringa farm.  A bag of moringa seeds costs N150, 000. A rubber of Moringa seeds cost N2,500.
During the off season, Moringa seeds could cost as high as N10, 000 per kilogram (about 3500 to 4000 seeds).
Also, the Moringa oil costs averagely N17, 000 per litre! And the funny aspect of it is that demand is above the supply in Nigeria. Do you also know that a bottle of COLD PRESSED moringa oil (75ml) costs N 3500.
So can you imagine how much you could make selling JUST MORINGA OIL in a year?
It takes only 150 days to a maximum of one year for your Moringa trees to start producing seeds
Moringa flowers, seeds, bark, roots, leaves, trunk, etc are all extremely medicinal and in high demand. Moringa leaves and other parts are useful as medicine for treatment of several body ailments.
The demand for the Moringa powder is yet to be met. Moringa is a HIGH DEMAND, LOW VOLUME PRODUCT NOW.  The seeds cost more than a barrel of crude oil…
The number one bridge to cross is for you to get land (How to get Land).  Well, if your family has large acres of land, then I think half of your problem is solved. But if your family doesn’t have land, then I guess you have to visit some chiefs in the village far from the capital. However, you can lease the land for over 30 years or purchase them outright. But, I would suggest the latter.
If you need an agricultural land in Ondo State, MyAgricWorld can be of help to you.
The 2nd huddle you could face is “How to obtain seedlings”.
Do you even know that the seedlings are in hot demand currently?
Averagely, one costs about N500 (depends on the height). For an acre, you need about 400 seedlings. So in cultivating 10 acres, you will spend about N 186, 000.00 on seedlings.
But I will strongly advise you that you should raise your own seedlings yourself or better still, sow seed directly on the farm.
The greatest challenge now is preparing your farm, maintaining and management.
Sincerely speaking, you need someone trustworthy to do this. This is part of the service that will render at MyAgricWorld; we help you manage, monitor and render consultancy service from the establishment phase of your project to the maturity stage. But sincerely speaking, Moringa farming needs NO EXTRA WORK! After planting your seedlings, you can harvest the leaves after three months.
Presently the demand for Moringa powder globally is so huge, so you don’t have to worry much about who would buy your products.
Moringa tree is very simple and easy to cultivate. In fact, you don’t need to bother much about pest. Fertilizer is not necessary because they have rapid growth in as much your soil is fertile enough.
If you need a comprehensive feasibility report/Business Plan on Moringa farm establishment or processing kindly contact us today at MyAgricWorld or send us a email

Kindly contact us for E-Book on Moringa Establishment. Our E-book cost N10,000. This ebook contain comprehensive feasibility report, step by step tutorial on how to establish moringa farm and Free consultancy service.


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