Become a Millionaire farmer in our current Nigeria economy

Most of our activities online has reduced recently, because we are now in planting season. You will not see a practicing farmer on social media during the rainy season. The motivation behind this article is because of the current project we are working on (Ugu Farming). The money for this project was from crowdfunding. Individuals contribute a certain amount of capital for the Fluted Pumpkin project ad profit will be shared according to the amount contributed.

Back to the topic again, “Become a Millionaire farmer in our current Nigeria economy.” First, I am not trying to say that farming is another avenue of getting rich quick or trying to present farming as a Ponzi scheme. Frankly speaking, Agriculture in Nigeria has its demerits, but with experience, finance, and smartness, you can break through.

As a Soil scientist and Crop Simulation Modeller, many factors make farming so appealing to me. I feel connected to the land and the land to me; although what makes farming appealing to other Nigerians may be different.

In recent years, many government workers that are close to retirement have always sought advice from us, regarding “Life after Civil service.” With our current Nigeria, my response is always simple; I do tell them that “ Sir, Farming is the ultimate retirement package after employment.”

We need more farmers than white collar jobs to tackle the growing food crisis in Nigeria and the world at large. It is time for people to get back to agriculture and to engage in farming activities to ensure food security in Nigeria.

The Potential market for my farm produces

The key to becoming a Millionaire farmer in our current Nigeria economy is the availability or population of potential market or consumers. Away from Nigeria, According to The United Nations, the world’s population is expected to increase to 9.8 billion people by 2050.

Who do you think is going to feed all these people?

The Banker, Civil Servants, Auto-mechanic, Food Canteen, Food processing industries or the Farmer?. The latter, of course! Therefore, investing in Agribusiness means you have no problem when it comes to the target market. The sector is even more significant than all financial organizations combined.

You can become a millionaire farmer in our current Nigeria economy if you can invest in a farm.

If you have the money, why don’t you buy land and start a farm?

I do not have the skill or time.”

If you do not have the time or necessary skills, you can hire someone else to do the work for you.

I cannot find land to buy.”

If you cannot find land to buy and have the money to invest you can partner with someone who has land and allocates profit sharing according to how much you have put in.

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