What does it take to start a Commercial Farm?

It is easier and more lucrative when you start a commercial farm in Nigeria. Let me reveal a secret to you concerning commercial farm in Nigeria, there is a readily available market if you can conduct proper market research and prepare a good business plan/feasibility report; you are most likely not going to struggle when you want to market yours produces.

With the current and increasing rate of food processing companies and consumers in Nigeria, your business will succeed.

Going commercial will enable you to utilize and maximize your resources, as you will be able to combine crop production and animal husbandry, or you can decide to only specialize in the cultivation of crops or rearing of animals/poultry/ fish. Commercial farming is profitable when you have enough resources (land, capital, skill manpower) within your reach.

2 thoughts on “What does it take to start a Commercial Farm?”

  1. I live in Guyana South America, Interested in starting a farm to produce Palm Oil and Cocoa. Please tell me what is the smallest commercial size farm U recommend. Can I purchase seeds from U and have them shipped to Guyana. At what cost? Guyana is a tropical country, so I believe that conditions here will be generally almost similar. We do not suffer from droughts, and rainfall is guaranteed year-round.
    For your attention

    • Thank you for contacting us.
      Based on your question, to start the smallest commercial size farm, I will recommend you start with 5 hectares (12.5 acres).
      Regarding the procedure on how to get planting material (seed), we sell seed, but the only issue that may arise is shipping.
      Even after buying the seed/pods, you still need to plant in the nursery before transplanting to the field.


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