Procedure on how to establish your own palm oil tree plantation

The first thing to do is to get a Suitable Land. Although, virtually all lands in Nigeria is suitable for palm tree survival and optimum yield production (especially East and West).

You need to get a good quantity of land in acres in a good and trouble free location.

Why the word “trouble free location”? well, I’m saying this from what I’m currently facing on one of our newly acquired land in Ondo state. The problem of authentic land owner, may affect your activities on farm. In fact, it may even discourage you from visiting your farm. So ensure you do proper consultation and investigation before paying for any land. Also, ensure necessary document are signed and collected.

The land location must be motorable; at least tractors and Lorries should be able to get in there.

However, if you are not sure of the quality of the soil, whether it is suitable for palm tree plantation or not, we can also help you carry out an initial soil test on the land. We will analyze and make recommendation. Aside from this, we will also give you additional information as regard the project and the merits.

After land acquisition, I strongly recommend that you use Tractor (plough) on the soil to pulverize and level packed or encrusted soils. Remove hard roots in preparation for palm seedlings, making the soil well suited for planting.

Note: it is always advisable that you should get the palm nursery ready before preparing the land.

Although, you have two options, it is either to raise your own seeds or buy already germinated seedlings.

Where would I buy a sprouted seed or germinated seedlings? Note, these two terms are different. But you can get both from NIFOR. We supply both the sprouted seed and germinated seedlings as well. You can click on “How to Germinate Your Own Oil Palm Seeds” to read details on how to raise your own oil palm seeds.

It is advisable to plant your palm during the rainy season when it will have enough water in the soil for sustaining the young palm. Plant with proper spacing (9m by 9m in a triangular manner), taking into cognizance grown period when the palm frond will be spread all over the place.

The first weeding and fertilizer application should be carried out after 3 months or as soon as the plant recover fully from transplanting shock. NPK Fertilizer should be applied to each palm tree using a ring method of fertilizer application.

Second weeding can also be carried out 3 months later or as at time due. You don’t need a manual or especial training before you know when to start weeding your farm. That was the reason why I said “weed when due”

However, having done your part of setting up your oil palm plantation in Nigeria, the next is to maintain it and wait for your yield. Palm tree starts yielding fruits just two years after planting. From that moment onwards, you will be harvesting cash all year round for generations.

33 thoughts on “Procedure on how to establish your own palm oil tree plantation”

    • We have readily available on our farm. Or we can train you on how to multiply it on your farm, to reduce the cost of transportation

  1. Can I start the plantation on a 6acres of land? How profitable will it be and how much does ur agency charge for consultation… Location is kwara state

    • Yes, you can start plantation on a 6acres of land. That’s around 2.5 hectares. Which means you will be needing approximately 375 Palm seedlings.
      Regarding the profitability, generally palm investment is profitable. But if we conduct or write a feasibility report for you, using the factors and variables supplied by you or available within your reach (e.g How much you bought the land?; cost of land acquisition or leasing).
      All these will provide more insight on what you should expect from your investment.

      NOTE: A business that succeed in Lagos may fail in Abuja.
      Cost of labour, inputs, tractor and other production cost varies from one place to another, thereby affecting revenue.

      Lastly, regarding our charges, we charge based on size and scale of production of our client. We won’t charge a 2 hectare client the same we charge a 100 hectare client. We will communicate that with you via inbox.

    • Sir, It depends on the size of the plantation.
      Do you mean maintenance in terms of fertilizer application or labour (weeding)?
      Because employing one labour on a hectare of palm plantation will cost you between 100,000 – 200,000 per annum, the prices varies across tribe and according to their strength.
      And from Fertilizer application angle, to fertilized a hectare of palm plantation (Approximately or < 150 palms), with single fertilizers (Urea, SSP, & Muriate of Potash), you will be needing 60,000 naira on a rough estimate. NOTE: The 60,000 naira is for a newly established farm (Year 1). The fertilizer requirement will increase very well in 2nd and 3rd year.

  2. Hello, l have a 5 acre land in ondo.l intend to Starr the oil palm farm with 1 acre
    How many seedlings would l require and what is the best type for this area ? Moreover can you give me a supporting advise ? .

    • Sir, I think it depends on the proposed Engine capacity of your milling factory. You will have between 369- 450 plant stand (depends on spacing). Normally, less than 5-hectare farmland is categorized as a small scale farming.

    • To investors who have the financial strength, I often engage them to stay focused on the palm as a sole plant. But, to investors or other people who can’t wait for 3 years, we often encourage them to intercrop. But, both options have different merits and demerits.

      On the choice of crop to intercrop, kindly note that oil palm itself is a heavy feeder crop. So you must also avoid intercropping with heavy feeder crops. Plantain is good.


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