Agriculture: The only way to rescue our economy

a2With the current situation of my great country Nigeria, I strongly believe that concerted efforts are needed to revive the economy and this can be achieved only by stimulating agricultural growth measures.

If you will agree with me that the agricultural sector accounts for 70 per cent of the nation’s employment ratio, and it is a major contributor to the Gross Domestic Products (GDP). So, it requires support for expansion, which includes improving irrigation facilities, providing food security and creation of various funds and schemes. The key to spurring economic activities and unlocking opportunities in agriculture involves, building roads, power plants, ports and other infrastructure across the country.1COPY281029

The best way out of recession is increased government expenditures in the sectors that create and retain jobs while developing infrastructures. So, if we pay local contractors to develop rural roads, we would not only generate jobs in road construction, but facilitate transportation of agricultural products and improve people’s lives.

If you would agree with me, agriculture still remains the major source of income and employment for the population, and it has played the most important role in poverty reduction.

With Nigeria’s GDP dropping due to the fall in oil price and output and increasing insecurity challenge, it’s time got my great country Nigeria to build its economy on agriculture.

We really need to get back there and let’s go back to the farms and do the work. God has been good; the rain is much this year so why don’t we key into the goodies of the abundant rainfall? Agriculture and export of agriculture produce are possible solutions.”

Finally, we need to embrace agriculture so that we can together tackle poverty, we must also support the growth of agriculture in order to boost domestic demand. The agricultural sector must restructure production and business, including solutions for attracting investment from home and abroad.

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