Investing in under-utilize leafy vegetable

I will be talking on how you can invest/grow the under-utilized leafy vegatables in the south west Nigeria. First, if you would agree with me, fluted pumpkin (Ugwu) and Amaranths (Efo arowojeje/efo green) are the most cultivated and most consumed in Nigeria. According to my research, fluted pumpkin (ugwu) nearly cut across all tribes, except the hausas because I only know little about their delicacy.
Asides from this two vegetables, there are still some leafy vegetables that are been utilize by the Yoruba people among which are elegede, Cnidoscolous aconitifolius, Commonly called tree spinach, efo iyana ipaja, or efo Jerusalem (Yoruba), efo amunututu etc. among the vegetables, I realize that the rate at which people consume Elegede is very high during the rainy season. Considering the high cost tomato (30000 naira per basket), do you know that you can also make your earn from growing/cultivating some of the vegetables.
NOTE:- The market is readily available. Because people tend to buy pepper alone from the market and use it to prepare vegetable instead of combine use of pepper and tomato used in making stew.
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