Why Lagos is not a good place to practice Organic farming

Lagos State is located in the southwestern geopolitical zone and it is considered as the smallest in land area among Nigeria’s 36 states. The state is of economic importance in our country Nigeria. If Lagos were to be a country, it is a major financial centre and would be the fifth largest economy in Africa.  The soils in Lagos are more of sandy soil and are not the most fertile place to develop crops like oil palm or cocoa. Organic farming is a form or system of agriculture that minimizes chemicals particularly inorganic fertilizer. Therefore if you are not going to use too much fertilizer, you need a very nutritious soil, unfortunately, Lagos soil is not.

Way out

The yield of your produce can be improve upon if an Agroforestry system of farming is adopted or integrated. You don’t cut down existing trees or disturb the ecosystem. The use of machines to tilt the soil should be avoided. It must be either minimum or zero tillage. If this is adopted, a satisfactory yield is guaranteed.

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