Why Farmers shy away from Palm tree plantation


Why are Nigerian farmers shying away from(palm oil business)? The main reason most Nigerians farmers are not paying attention to oil palm tree plantation is because they think palm tree take so many years to mature to the point of production, therefore they are not ready to wait. That is total ignorance. There are varieties of palm tree that starts producing just two years after planting.

This means, if you start your own palm oil tree plantation this year, you start harvesting your palm produce in two years’ time. If you don’t have basic agronomy background or farming skill, we can also help you set up your farm at your desire location and give your all necessary advice and training on how you can achieve huge return.

Are you planning to venture in agriculture (Palm Tree plantation in particular), then what are you waiting for?

This is the right and best time to start planning. We can help you establish or train you on how you can establish your own palm oil tree plantation and let’s see how it goes in two years time.

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