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How to set up a Cocoa Plantation/Farm

In my previous article, I introduced the basic information you need to know about the agronomy of cocoa and its establishment, but in this article, I will expand the scope by explaining things I forgot to add. This is the link to the previous article …

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Local Oil Palm species vs. Super Gene species

I recently conducted a small experiment to validate the difference between the local oil palm species and the supergene oil palm variety. Although I’ve read a lot about various oil palm species and their distinct characteristics. Before I proceed, let me quickly talk about the …

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Fertilizer application in Cocoa Plantation

Feeding your cocoa tree with the correct fertilizer is not only vital to help protect against pest and diseases, it is essential to help the tree produce at maximum or optimum capacity. The major ingredient in most cocoa growing situation is high fertilizer input. However, …

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