Cocoa Farm

Harvesting and fermentation of cocoa

The formation and development of the pods take on average 5 to 6 months when the green pods turn yellow and red pods turn orange. Harvesting should be made with a sharp knife making sure not to damage the flower cushion which will produce the …

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Establishing a Cocoa plantation in Nigeria

I’m motivated to write this article based on my experience and feedback from investors who ventured into cocoa production over the last 5 years. I noticed that existing cocoa farmers and their plantation continues to flourish and develop (though at a low yield). However, there …

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How to establish a Cocoa Farm

Hеllо frіеndѕ, I still remain уоur еvеr dуnаmіс AGRIBUSINESS соnѕultаnt. Tоdау, I wіll bе tаlkіng on how tо establish сосоа farm. Note: I will be using Nіgеrіа аѕ a саѕе ѕtudу; so don’t bе оffеndеd. This іѕ because I am mоrе соnvеrѕаnt wіth Nіgеrіа Agriculture. …

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