Cost of Establishing an Oil Palm Seedlings Nursery

In some organizations or Farms, marketing is really a major problem; however, the reverse is the case in our Organization MyAgricWorld, because meeting our customers’ demand remains a major issue. Having recorded and experienced a great success in the sales of Oil Palm and Cocoa seedlings last year, we have decided to expand the size of our Nursery in order to increase our scale of production.
We have decided to produce 10,000 Oil palm and Cocoa seedlings (5000 seedlings/crop). But the fun aspect of this is that 4000 oil palm seedlings have been booked already ahead next growing season with full payment already received. I have decided to tutor you on the step by step procedure for establishing a Cocoa and Oil Palm Nursery.
Why do you need to set up your own nursery?
I will like to reveal the real and updated cost of establishing an Oil Palm Nursery and also the cost of an oil palm seedling. So, at the end, you can now decide which option is the best.

Below is the cost of establishing three thousand five hundred oil palm seedlings:

The second option is to buy the seedlings directly from a farm. Using our farm as an example, we usually sell a 4 to 5months old oil palm seedlings for the rate of 350naira which will cost N1,050,000 for three thousand five hundred oil palm seedlings.
Having come to our notice that most of people find it difficult to secure a space to raise the oil palm seedlings, at MyAgricWorld, we also help farmers or investors raise their seedlings to the time of transplanting.
NOTE: we only charge a token fee of N20,000 for using our Nursery and land. We will also supervise the whole operation from now till the next growing season. The only future expenditure is the cost of transporting the seedlings from our Nursery (Akure) to the final destination

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